Why You should Hire a Professional Company for Asbestos Testing

Getting asbestos testing is always stressful. After all, not only does your house need to be examined for asbestos from top to bottom but, if it is discovered, it can really uproot your life.

Some people choose to do their own asbestos testing. Most experts, however, recommend you do not do this as, if it is not done correctly, you could be putting your own health and that of your family at risk.

Hiring a professional company is the recommended way to get asbestos testing done in a home, and here are a few good reasons why.

The cost — Hiring a professional company is very affordable. So much so, you can often get your testing done for not much more than it would cost for two or three test kits you would use yourself.

Reliability — Having a home tested for asbestos is stressful and frightening. It would be even more stressful and frightening if that home was not tested correctly and you thought you were asbestos-free only to discover later you were not.

A good professional company can do reliable testing and tell you with accuracy if your home is contaminated with asbestos.

The speed — While it could take you all day to test for asbestos, a professional company does the same job in a couple of hours.

The speed of test results — Once you have had asbestos testing done, you will want to get the results quickly.

If you do your own testing, however, you will have to mail the samples away and then wait for the results to be made available. If you hire a company to do them, you should have the results in under 48 hours.

3 Reasons Why Asbestos Is Bad For Your Health

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has long been valued for its high level of fire resistance. For many decades, this mineral was a common addition to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. As such, it can be found in the ceilings, siding, and other elements of many existing, dated structures.

Unfortunately, however, asbestos can also be incredibly harmful to human health. Due to this fact, it is no longer legally allowed in any new construction, and many existing homes and commercial buildings must receive routine asbestos testing.

When asbestos is believed to have degraded to the point of becoming hazardous, all asbestos-containing materials must be removed. Following are three reasons why asbestos is bad for you health.

Asbestos Is A Fibrous Material That Can Release Harmful Particulates

When asbestos and asbestos-containing materials are new and in good condition, they do not generally pose a threat to building residents. As soon as these materials start to dry out, however, this fibrous material can start to release tiny particulates.

These particulates can be breathed in by anyone living in, working in, or passing through a building. Once this happens, the lungs and entire respiratory system can suffer.

The Body Has A Hard Time Expelling Asbestos

Breathing in asbestos particulates can lead to a host of long-lasting and potentially fatal problems. This is because the body has a very difficult time expelling asbestos.

Once these particulates become trapped in the lungs, the body often responds by surrounding this foreign matter with clusters of cells. Asbestos is known to cause three different types of respiratory cancer in this manner including asbestiosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Asbestos Can Also Be Harmful When Consumed

Consuming asbestos, whether purposefully or inadvertently can also be detrimental. Asbestos consumption is known to cause throat cancer, esophageal cancer, and cancers affecting the kidneys, colon, and other organs.

For these and many other reasons, buildings that are suspected of having this mineral present in their structures should be tested and treated to help mitigate all of the related health risks.

3 Reasons Why Asbestos is Bad for Your Health

The Health Risks Related To Asbestos That You Might Know About

Did you know, the longer you breathe asbestos, the more prone to health issues you are?

Smokers put themselves at a greater risk because smoking irritates the lungs. The more you smoke, the harder it is for the air to get inside. That means smokers are twice as likely to be affected by asbestos than a non-smoker.


Do you live with someone who has worked with asbestos, live nearby to an asbestos field, or breathed it in yourself? You need to get checked out by a doctor now. It has affected your health with your knowledge.

Do you remember how the teacher taught you, in health class, that living with someone who smokes can impact your health just as much as theirs? The same rules apply.

Do you have symptoms like stomach pain, fatigue, and constipation? You need to see a doctor.

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that impacts those with these symptoms. It can take up to twenty years for the signs to show. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is something that most people feel is only reserved for the smokers in the room. Not true. Asbestos can cause lung cancer, according to multiple sources and doctors. You just need to inhale a small amount for the lung cancer to start developing.

Lung cancer can start in the lungs and work its way to anywhere in the body. The common myth about lung cancer is that it is reserved for the lungs. Once again, not true.

Get checked by a doctor if you feel you have been exposed, even if just as a safety precaution.

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Three Reasons Why Asbestos in a Building is Not Good for Your Health

Anyone who suspects there may be asbestos in a building they own has probably been told to have the building tested, and then have any asbestos hidden there removed.

The main reason why people are told to have asbestos removed from buildings they live or work in is due to health reasons. This is because being around asbestos is extremely bad for your health.

Lung problems — One of the main reasons why asbestos is so bad for your health is small pieces can break off and end up free floating in the air. From then on, it only takes one breath and the tiny piece of asbestos can be drawn into your lungs where it will attach itself to the lung wall.

Over time this can cause breathing problems due to irritation and inflammation. In some cases, the health problems caused by this asbestos can be so severe the substance also causes one of a number of forms of cancer.

Heart problems — The presence of asbestos in your body can also cause mild or severe heart problems.

This is due to scar tissue forming around the asbestos that has been inhaled, then the lung walls becoming inflamed.

Inflammatory cells can eventually enter the blood stream, where they circulate around the body and then enter the heart. This causes the heart to not be able to pump the blood efficiently.

Pleurisy — Asbestos in the lungs can also cause pleurisy, a condition where fluid begins to build up in the lungs.

This is another severe health issue related to asbestos and, if it worsens considerably, can also be fatal. Protect your property and family from potential hazardous materials, come visit asbestos testing.