Three Reasons Why Asbestos in a Building is Not Good for Your Health

Anyone who suspects there may be asbestos in a building they own has probably been told to have the building tested, and then have any asbestos hidden there removed.

The main reason why people are told to have asbestos removed from buildings they live or work in is due to health reasons. This is because being around asbestos is extremely bad for your health.

Lung problems — One of the main reasons why asbestos is so bad for your health is small pieces can break off and end up free floating in the air. From then on, it only takes one breath and the tiny piece of asbestos can be drawn into your lungs where it will attach itself to the lung wall.

Over time this can cause breathing problems due to irritation and inflammation. In some cases, the health problems caused by this asbestos can be so severe the substance also causes one of a number of forms of cancer.

Heart problems — The presence of asbestos in your body can also cause mild or severe heart problems.

This is due to scar tissue forming around the asbestos that has been inhaled, then the lung walls becoming inflamed.

Inflammatory cells can eventually enter the blood stream, where they circulate around the body and then enter the heart. This causes the heart to not be able to pump the blood efficiently.

Pleurisy — Asbestos in the lungs can also cause pleurisy, a condition where fluid begins to build up in the lungs.

This is another severe health issue related to asbestos and, if it worsens considerably, can also be fatal. Protect your property and family from potential hazardous materials, come visit asbestos testing.

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